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The Gold Necklace

Although this trend of the gold necklace has gone up in the last few years, the thinking behind it comes from the long history of gold. Always seen as something elegant, gold has become worn more and more within jewelry. Starting out as a currency gold continues to be one of the most sought after elements within jewelry. Though it is common to tone and plate items gold, the item, however far less expensive, is still beautiful and chic. The layered gold necklaces look expresses elegance as well as simplicity. This look has become popularly worn in all different ways and by people with all different styles. The classic look is truly ageless and will never go out of style, yet each generation finds new ways to style it. From short to long necklaces and from statement to ever day pieces, here at Tiny Tick Tock, we have a plethora of gold toned and plated items, such as necklaces, rings, pins and bracelets just waiting for you to style them exactly how you want.

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